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Venkatesham B (2014) Low Frequency Noise Attenuation Structure. 4389/CHE/2014.

TEMP/E-1/10328/2018-CHE (2018) Decellularized Corneal Matrix Basedhydrogel, Bioink Formulation and Methods Thereof. ..

Sreekanth Dama (2016) Method for accessing a channel in a wireless communication network. US20160242175A1.

1846/ che/2014. (2014) Sub 100°c thermo-compression metal - metal direct bonding. 1846.

201741030200 (2017) Platelet-Rich Plasma-Based Formulations for Treating Chronic Wounds and A Method Thereof. ..

20171027986 (2017) Biopolymer- Based Nanoparticles and A Method of Preparing the Same. ..

201741017782 (2017) A Device for Fabricating Micro and Nano Fibers and Particles. ..

201741012592 (2017) A Method of Producing Lipid-Based Nanocapsules without Temperature Cycling and the Product Thereof. ..

201741015739 (2017) Silk Fibroin Based Lipid Nanoscapsule and A Method of Manufacturing the Same. ..

Kiran Kuchi (2016) Interference Cancellation Enhancement in Hetnets through Coordinated Simo/Mimo Interference Codes. WO2014184811A3.

Pct/In2014/000332 (2014) Interference suppression in hetnets through coordinated sIMo/MIMo Interference codes. In2014.

Kuchi Kuchi (2016) Method and system for designing a waveform for data communication. WO2016174508A1.

Kiran Kumar Kuchi (2019) Method and system for providing code cover to ofdm symbols in multiple user system. US20190356526A1.

US 2019 / 0052486 A1 (2019) Method and transmitter for generating a waveform with optimized papr. ..

2161/che/2013 (2013) Opportunistic scheduling and Interference alignment in Multiple antenna systems. 16/05/2013.

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (2019) System and Method to Generate a Waveform in a Communication Network. US 2019 / 0173706 A1.

Wisig Networks Private Ltd (2019) System and method for generating spreaded sequence with low peak-to-average power ratio (papr) waveform. US20190379567A1.

Kiran Kuchi (2015) Method and apparatus for a cluster specific CSI feedback. US20150229377A1.

Kiran Kuchi (2013) Interference management for a distributed spatial network. WO2012153352A3.

Kiran Kuchi (2013) Ordered reduced set successive detector for low complexity, quasi-ML MIMO detection. US20130188470 A1.

201841023467 (2018) Dense medium cyclone for near gravity coal fraction separation. 201841023467.


US 2019 / 0157712 A1 (2019) High energy density secondary lithium batteries. ..

201841013261 (2018) Apparatus and Methods for Label-Free Morphological Evaluation of Human Sperm. ..

201842000689 (2018) Neuromechanical Simulator System. ..

1249/che/2014 (2014) A high speed and low complex beam-former system to transmit signals and method thereof. 1249.

TEMP/E-1/32196/2018-CHE (2018) Fully Non-invasive Self-sustaining Current Monitoring Device Using Magnetic Flux Based Energy Harvesting. 32196.

PCT/201741042270 (2017) method and kit for rapid risk stratification of traumatic brain injury. ..

Magnetic field remote control for memory devices (2018) Magnetic field remote control for memory devices. 10.1038/nindia.2018.7.

Chandra Shekhar Sharma (2015) High aspect ratio hierarchical superhydrophobic and antireflective polymeric surfaces fabricated by biomimicking canna indica plant. WO2015177589A1.

Chandra Shekhar Sharma (2016) Cellulose acetate based non-woven nanofiber matrix with high absorbency properties for female hygiene products. WO2016016704A2.

Sandra Sharma (2016) Process of fabrication of submicron aligned hydrophobic and oleophilic fibre from polystyrene waste with controllable geometry using-citrus peel extract as solvent. WO2016083883A2.

Simhadri (2015) Decorrelation of user-defined function invocations in queries. US20150220597A1.

201641025740 (2014) Systems and Methods for dynamic Wideband channel selection. 4705/CHE/2015,.

S. Suriya Prakash (2017) Lateral reinforcement system and method for concrete structures. US9719245 B1.

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