Efficient Energy Storage by an Asymmetric Poly(3,4-propylenedioxythiophene)//CMK-3 Supercapacitor

Deshagani, Sathish and Das, Aparajita and M, Deepa and et al, . (2020) Efficient Energy Storage by an Asymmetric Poly(3,4-propylenedioxythiophene)//CMK-3 Supercapacitor. ACS Applied Polymer Materials. ISSN 2637-6105

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Poly(3,4-propylenedioxythiophene) (PProDOT) and ordered mesoporous carbon (CMK-3) as positive and negative elec-trodes are assembled into an asymmetric supercapacitor (ASC), alongwith an ionic liquid based gel electrolyte, for the very first time. Complementary roles essayed by PProDOT such as charge storage by a Faradic reaction, high electrical conduc-tivity of 11 mS cm-1 in the doped state, robust microstructure that can endure long term cycling and ease of scale-up in the form of thin coating and those of CMK-3, such as a porous meso-channelled morphology that enables rapid propagation of electrolyte ions with an effective surface area of 898 m2 g-1, maximizing electrical double layer formation and a conductivi-ty of ~12 mS cm-1, result in a wide operational voltage window of 2 V, an areal specific capacitance (SC) of 294 mF cm-2, an energy density of 0.16 to 0.11 mWh cm-2 at a power density of 0.86 to 3.98 mWcm-2, slow self-discharge rate, low leak-age current and a 98 % SC retention after 5000 cycles for the PProDOT//CMK-3 ASC. The enhanced magnitudes of the performance metrics of the PProDOT//CMK-3 ASC in comparison to the inferior performance parameters registered for the symmetric counterparts: PProDOT//PProDOT and CMK-3//CMK-3 unambiguously illustrate the benefits of an asymmetric cell architecture over a symmetric one. Demonstrations of powering a green LED and a digital thermometer with 3-ASCs connected in series, bring out the utilitarian value of this device, for it is not only composed of non-toxic and low cost com-ponents but can also be scaled up easily for the realization of large area supercapacitor

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