Synthesis and solid state structures of Chalcogenide compounds of Imidazolin-2-ylidene-1,1-Diphenyl-phosphinamine

Naktode, K and Das, S and Kundu, A and Nayek, H P and Panda, Tarun K (2016) Synthesis and solid state structures of Chalcogenide compounds of Imidazolin-2-ylidene-1,1-Diphenyl-phosphinamine. Journal of Chemical Sciences, 128 (3). pp. 373-382. ISSN 0974-3626

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We report the synthesis and solid state structures of 1,3-di-aryl-imidazolin-2-ylidine-1,1-diphenylphosphinamine [(aryl = mesityl (1a) and aryl = 2,6-diisopripyl (1b)] and their chalcogenide compounds 1, 3-di-aryl-imidazolin-2-ylidine- P,P-diphenylphosphinicamide (2a,b), 1,3-di-aryl-imidazolin-2-ylidine-P,P-diphenyl-phosphinothioicamide (3a,b) and 1,3-diaryl-imidazolin-2-ylidine- P,P-diphenyl-phosphinoselenoic-amide (4a,b). The compounds 1a,b were prepared in good yield by the reaction of 1,3-di-aryl-imidazolin-2-imine and chlorodiphenylphosphine in the presence of triethylamine in toluene. The reactions of 1a,b with elemental sulphur and selenium afforded the corresponding chalcogenide compounds 3a,b and 4a,b respectively. The corresponding oxo- derivative (2a,b) was obtained by reacting compound 1a,b with 30% aqueous hydrogen peroxide in THF. The molecular structures of 1a, 2a, 3a and 4a,b have been established by single crystal X-ray diffraction analyses. The molecular structures reveal that even C1–N1–P1 angle (124.62 ∘) in compound 1a is less obtuse compared to the corresponding C1–N1–Si1 angles (157.8 ∘) observed in related N-silylated 2-iminoimidazolines and trimethylsilyl iminophosphoranes. C1–N1–P1 angles are further widened in compounds 2a, 3a, and 4a,b due to the attachment of chalcogen atoms onto phosphorus atom.

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Panda, Tarun K
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Additional Information: This work is dedicated to Prof. Dr. Peter W. Roesky on the occasion of his 49th Birthday
Uncontrolled Keywords: Imidazol-2-imine imidazolin-2-ylidene-1 1-diphenyl-phosphinamine sulfide selenide
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