Heavier Group 2 Metal Complexes with Flexible Scorpionate Ligand based on 2-Mercaptopyridine

Panda, Tarun K and Naktode, K and Mallik, Bhabani Shankar and Nayek, H P and Reddy, T D (2015) Heavier Group 2 Metal Complexes with Flexible Scorpionate Ligand based on 2-Mercaptopyridine. RSC Advances, 5. pp. 51413-51420. ISSN 2046-2069

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We report the synthesis of novel alkaline earth metal complexes [2-SS-(Bmp)2M(THF)n] [M = Ca (2), Sr (3) n = 2; M = Ba (4), n = 3] of flexible dihydrobis(2-thiopyridone)borate (Bmp) ligand based on 2-mercaptopyridine. Complexes 2–4 were isolated in good yield by the reaction between sodium dihydrobis(2-thiopyridone)borate, [{(Bmp)Na(THF)}2]n (1) and corresponding alkaline earth metal diiodides in toluene at ambient temperature. The solid-state structures of strontium and barium complexes, complexes 3 and 4 respectively, were established using single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The solid-state structure of sodium complex 1 was also confirmed using X-ray. The solid-state structures of complexes 3 and 4 revealed that the Bmp ligand coordinates through sulphur atoms to the metal ions in 2 fashion. The strontium ion is attached symmetrically and the barium ion is asymmetrically linked with the Bmp ligand, manifesting the 2-thiopyridone and pyridine-2-thiolate tautomeric form of the Bmp ligand. The strontium ion in complex 3 adopts a distorted octahedral geometry whereas the geometry around the barium ion can best be described as a distorted pentagonal bipyramidal. Both complexes 3 and 4 also have short B...H...M interaction due to the presence of BH2 group in the ligand. In the solid state, sodium complex 1 is polymeric in nature and in the asymmetric unit each sodium ion is bonded to two sulphur atoms through  and  modes. The adjacent BH2 group is also linked with each sodium ion through hydrogen atoms via 2 and 1

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Additional Information: The instrumental facilities were provided by the Indian Institute of Technology Hyde rabad (IITH). K. N. and Th. D. N. R thank the University Grants 40 Commission (UGC), India, for his PhD fellowship. We sincerely thank Prof. Kazushi Mashima and Dr. Hayato Tsurugi, Osaka University, for their generous support. We thank al l the reviewers for their valuable comments and special thanks to crystallographic reviewer to help us to improve the crystal 45 structure of complex 4 .
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