Photo –Physical Investigation of Organic Donor –Inorganic Acceptor Interface & Preparation of ZnO Thin -Film by Sol –Gel Method

Kumar, Rajesh and Raavi, Sai Santosh Kumar (2015) Photo –Physical Investigation of Organic Donor –Inorganic Acceptor Interface & Preparation of ZnO Thin -Film by Sol –Gel Method. Masters thesis, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

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In the present work zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO) were successfully synthesized by a sol-gel method and zinc acetate dehydrate and ethanol, HCl and DI water were used as the precursor materials. The wet films dried in hot oven at 100°C for 4 min and further annealing at 250°C for 10 min. The samples were characterized by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), UV-visible spectroscopy and optical profilometer. Results shows that the calcinations temperature significantly affected the crystalline nature, particle size, and optical propertiesof the processed ZnO nanoparticles. The optical properties of the samples are investigated by measuring the UV-VIS absorption at room temperature. The optical profiler shows that the variation in uniformity of ZnO thin film. We report the photo –physical study of a novel anthracene based organic dye G1 interacting with Titania nanoparticle of25nm mono-dispersity. We used photoluminescence and absorption spectroscopy to measure the electron transfer process taking place in G1 –Titania complexes in toluene solution. We observed that the electron injection from dye G1 to Titania occurs. The absorption spectra shows the two peak at wavelength 372 nm and 424 nm with a shoulder at 510 nm. Photoluminescence spectra of dye G1 – Titania particle show that peak will reduce i.e. electron transfer will take place from dye G1 to Titania nanoparticle.

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Raavi, Sai Santosh Kumar
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