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Adimulam, H and Kukri, D P and Mallik, Bhabani Shankar and Panda, Tarun K (2016) Formation of BH3 Adducts with Pyridine-2-Methylaminophosphine ligands: An experimental and computational study. Journal of Chemical Sciences, 128 (1). pp. 53-60. ISSN 0974-3626

Arruri, S and Metla, B P R and Natarajan, S and G, Prabusankar (2014) Dinuclear, tetranuclear and polynuclear copper(I)-ethylene-bridged bis-N-heterocyclic carbene complexes. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 772-3. pp. 210-216. ISSN 0022-328X


Chatla, N B and Paladugu, S and Katam, S and Arruri, S and Natarajan, S and G, Prabusankar (2016) Catalytically Active Lead(II)-Imidazolium Coordination Assemblies with Diversified Lead(II) Coordination Geometries. Dalton Transactions. ISSN 1477-9226 (In Press)


Das, Suman and Anga, S and Harinath, Adimulam and Nayek, Hari Pada and Panda, Tarun K (2017) Synthesis and Structure of Unprecedented Samarium Complex with Bulky Bis-iminopyrrolyl Ligand via Intramolecular C=N Bond Activation. Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry. ISSN 0044-2313 (In Press)


E, Linga Reddy and Karuppiah, J and Ch, Subrahmanyam (2013) Kinetics of hydrogen sulfide decomposition in a DBD plasma reactor operated at high temperature. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 22 (3). pp. 382-386. ISSN 2095-4956


G, Prabusankar and Suresh, Paladugu (2017) First Mononuclear Lanthanide Imidazolium Carboxylates. ChemistrySelect, 2 (31). pp. 9920-9923. ISSN 2365-6549


Kumar, R S and Svane, A and Vaitheeswaran, G and V, Kanchana and Antonio, D and Cornelius, A L and Bauer, E D and Xiao, Y and Chow, P (2015) Effect of pressure on valence and structural properties of YbFe2Ge2 heavy fermion compound-A combined inelastic X-ray spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and theoretical investigation. Inorganic Chemistry, 54 (21). pp. 10250-10255. ISSN 0020-1669


M, Deepa and Ramos, F J and SM, Prasad and Ahmad, S (2016) Unraveling the role of monovalent halides in mixed halide organic-inorganic perovskites. ChemPhysChem, 17 (6). pp. 913-920. ISSN 1439-4235

Mallik, Bhabani Shankar and Kuo I, F W and Fried, L E and Siepmann, J I (2012) Understanding the solubility of triamino-trinitrobenzene in hydrous tetramethylammonium fluoride: A first principles molecular dynamics simulation study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (14). pp. 4884-4890. ISSN 1463-9076

Mukkabla, R and M, Deepa and Srivastava, A K (2015) Enhanced Lithium-Ion Storage Capability of a Bismuth Sulfide/Graphene Oxide/Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Composite. ChemPhysChem, 16 (15). pp. 3242-3253. ISSN 1439-4235


Naktode, K and Das, S and Bhattacharjee, J and Nayek, H P and Panda, Tarun K (2016) Imidazolin-2-iminato Ligand-Supported Titanium Complexes as Catalysts for the Synthesis of Urea Derivatives. Inorganic Chemistry, 55 (5). pp. 1142-1153. ISSN 0020-1669

Naktode, K and Das, S and Pada Nayek, H and Panda, Tarun K (2017) Imidazolin-2-iminato Ligand Supported Titanium(IV) Aryloxo Complexes - Syntheses and Structures. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 456. pp. 24-33. ISSN 0020-1693

Nandhini, R and Ramesh, M and G, Prabusankar and Galmari, V (2017) Synthesis, crystal structure of copper(II) complexes comprising 2-(biphenylazo)phenol and 1-(biphenylazo)naphthol ligands and their catalytic activity in nitroaldol reaction. Inorganic Chemistry Communications. ISSN 1387-7003 (In Press)


Paladugu, S and Arruri, S and G, Prabusankar and Olivier, H and Stephane, G (2012) The First Monomeric β-Diketiminate Stabilized Four-Coordinated Bismuth(III) Bistrifluoromethanesulfonate. Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry, 638 (3-4). pp. 617-620. ISSN 0044-2313

Paladugu, S and Chatla, N B and G, Prabusankar (2015) A rare binuclear metallocyclic planar 20, 26 and 34 membered zinc-organic rings. Polyhedron, 93. pp. 84-90. ISSN 0277-5387

Panda, Tarun K and Gamer, M T and Roesky, P W and Yoo, H and Berry, D H (2014) Sodium and Potassium Cyclopentadienide. In: Inorganic Syntheses. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., pp. 35-37. ISBN 9781118744994


Ramesh, M and G, Prabusankar and Galmari, V (2017) Ru(II) mediated Csingle bondH activation of 1-(biphenylazo)naphthol: Synthesis and catalytic evaluation for transfer hydrogenation of ketones. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 79. pp. 89-94. ISSN 1387-7003

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