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Sha, R and Komori, K and Badhulika, Sushmee (2017) Amperometric pH sensor based on Graphene-Polyaniline composite. IEEE Sensors Journal. p. 1. ISSN 1530-437X (In Press)

Sha, Rinky and Badhulika, Sushmee (2017) Binder free Platinum nanoparticles decorated Graphene-Polyaniline composite film for high performance supercapacitor application. Electrochimica Acta, 251. pp. 505-512. ISSN 0013-4686

Sahatiya, P and Badhulika, Sushmee (2017) Eraser-based eco-friendly fabrication of a skin-like large-area matrix of flexible carbon nanotube strain and pressure sensors. Nanotechnology, 28 (9). 095501. ISSN 1361-6528

Sahatiya, Parikshit and Badhulika, Sushmee (2017) Fabrication of a solution-processed, highly flexible few layer MoS2 (n)–CuO (p) piezotronic diode on a paper substrate for an active analog frequency modulator and enhanced broadband photodetector. Journal of Materials Chemistry C. ISSN 2050-7526 (In Press)

Sahatiya, P and Jones, S S and Gomathi, P T and Badhulika, Sushmee (2017) Flexible substrate based 2D ZnO (n)/graphene (p) rectifying junction as enhanced broadband photodetector using strain modulation. 2D Materials, 4 (2). ISSN 2053-1583

Terse-Thakoor, Trupti and Badhulika, Sushmee and Mulchandani, Ashok (2017) Graphene based biosensors for healthcare. Journal of Materials Research, 32 (15). pp. 2905-2929. ISSN 0884-2914

Gomathi, P T and Sahatiya, P and Badhulika, Sushmee (2017) Large-Area, Flexible Broadband Photodetector Based on ZnS-MoS2 Hybrid on Paper Substrate. Advanced Functional Materials, 27 (31). p. 1701611. ISSN 1616-301X

Kanaparthi, S and Badhulika, Sushmee (2017) Low cost, flexible and biodegradable touch sensor fabricated by solvent-free processing of graphite on cellulose paper. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 242. pp. 857-864. ISSN 0925-4005

Gopalakrishnan, A and Sahatiya, P and Badhulika, Sushmee (2017) Low temperature, one-pot green synthesis of tailored carbon nanostructures/reduced graphene oxide composites and its investigation for supercapacitor application. Materials Letters, 198. pp. 46-49. ISSN 0167-577X

Sahatiya, P and Badhulika, Sushmee (2017) Strain modulation assisted enhanced broadband photodetector based on large area, flexible, few layered Graphene-MoS2on cellulose paper. Nanotechnology. ISSN 0957-4484 (In Press)

Sha, R and Puttapati, S K and Srikanth, V V S S and Badhulika, Sushmee (2017) Ultra-sensitive phenol sensor based on overcoming surface fouling of reduced graphene oxide-zinc oxide composite electrode. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 785. pp. 26-32. ISSN 1572-6657

Kanaparthi, S and Badhulika, Sushmee (2016) Eco-friendly all-carbon paper electronics fabricated by a solvent-free drawing method. Nanotechnology, 27 (9). 095206. ISSN 1361-6528

Kanaparthi, S and Sekhar, V R and Badhulika, Sushmee (2016) Flexible, eco-friendly and highly sensitive paper antenna based electromechanical sensor for wireless human motion detection and structural health monitoring. Extreme Mechanics Letters, 9 (2). pp. 324-330. ISSN 23524316

Sahatiya, P and Puttapati, S K and Srikanth, V V S S and Badhulika, Sushmee (2016) Graphene-based wearable temperature sensor and infrared photodetector on a flexible polyimide substrate. Flexible and Printed Electronics, 1 (2). 025006. ISSN 2058-8585

Kanaparth, S and Badhulika, Sushmee (2016) Solvent-free fabrication of biodegradable all-carbon paper based Field Effect Transistor for human motion detection through strain sensing. Green Chemistry, 18 (12). pp. 3640-3646. ISSN 1463-9262

Sahatiya, P and Badhulika, Sushmee (2016) Solvent-free fabrication of multi-walled carbon nanotube based flexible pressure sensors for ultra-sensitive touch pad and electronic skin applications. RSC Advances, 6 (98). pp. 95836-95845. ISSN 2046-2069

Kanaparthi, S and Badhulika, Sushmee (2016) Solvent-free fabrication of paper based all-carbon disposable multifunctional sensors and passive electronic circuits. RSC Advances, 6 (98). pp. 95574-95583. ISSN 2046-2069

P, Sahatiya and P, Thanga Gomathi and S, Solomon Jones and Badhulika, Sushmee (2016) Sponge and graphene/PVDF /ZnO composite based 3D stacked flexible multi-sensor platform. MRS Advances. ISSN 2059-8521 (In Press)

Parikshit, S and Badhulika, Sushmee (2016) UV/ozone assisted local graphene (p)/ZnO(n) heterojunctions as a nanodiode rectifier. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49 (26). ISSN 0022-3727

Badhulika, Sushmee and Terse-Thakoor, T and Villarreal, C and Mulchandani, A (2015) Graphene hybrids: synthesis strategies and applications in sensors and sensitized solar cells. Frontiers in Chemistry, 3 (38). pp. 1-19. ISSN 2296-2646

Badhulika, Sushmee and Mulchandani, A (2015) Molecular imprinted polymer functionalized carbon nanotube sensors for detection of saccharides. Applied Physics Letters, 107 (093107). pp. 1-5. ISSN 0003-6951

Sahatiya, P and Badhulika, Sushmee (2015) One step in-situ single aligned Graphene-ZnO nanofiber for UV sensing. RSC Advances. pp. 1-12. ISSN 2046-2069 (In Press)

Sahatiya, P and Badhulika, Sushmee (2015) One-step in situ synthesis of single aligned graphene-ZnO nanofiber for UV sensing. RSC Advances (100). pp. 82481-82487. ISSN 2046-2069

Book Section

Sha, R and Badhulika, Sushmee and Mulchandani, A (2017) Graphene-Based Biosensors and Their Applications in Biomedical and Environmental Monitoring. In: Springer Series on Chemical Sensors and Biosensors. Springer, pp. 1-30.

Sahatiya, P and Badhulika, Sushmee (2016) Graphene Hybrid Architectures for Chemical Sensors. In: Graphene-based Materials in Health and Environment: New Paradigms. Carbon Nanostructures, IV . Springer International Publishing, pp. 259-285. ISBN 978-3-319-45639-3

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