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Bharathi, V and Girdhar, A and Patel, Basant Kumar (2017) A Protocol of Using White/Red Color Assay to Measure Amyloid-induced Oxidative Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Bio-Protocol, 7 (15). ISSN 2331-8325

Bhargava, Y and Bhargava, Anamika (2017) ZebraTrack: An Automated Method to Study Zebrafish Behaviour. LAMBERT Academic Publishing. ISBN 9783659900518

Bhatia, M and Satish Babu, R and Sonawane, S H and Gogate, P R and Girdhar, A and Reddy, E R and Pola, M (2017) Application of nanoadsorbents for removal of lead from water. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 14 (5). pp. 1135-1154. ISSN 1735-1472


Das, Madhusmita and Sharma, Mukul and Vedithi, SundeepChaitanya and Roy, Anindya and Ebenezer, Mannam (2017) Sequence homology and expression profile of genes associated with dna repair pathways in Mycobacterium leprae. International Journal of Mycobacteriology, 6 (4). pp. 365-378. ISSN 2212-5531


George, A and Raghavendra, N K (2017) L368F/V408F double mutant of IBD of LEDGF/p75 retains interaction with M178I mutant of HIV-1 integrase. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 490 (2). pp. 271-275. ISSN 0006-291X (In Press)

Glukhov, Alexey V and Bhargava, Anamika and Gorelik, Julia (2017) Distribution and Regulation of L-Type Ca2+ Channels in Cardiomyocyte Microdomains. In: Microdomains in the Cardiovascular System. Springer, pp. 293-319. ISBN 9783319545790


Jain, Diksha (2017) Analysis of Ubc13 and Uev1A Interaction and Standardization of Expression and Purification protocols for Uba1, TRAF6, HLTF and Ubiquitin. Masters thesis, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.


Karpagam, Uma Sudhakar (2017) K-PAM: A Klebsiella Serotype Predictor and Capsular Antigen Modeler and Optimization of purification protocol of E. coli Wzi, an outer membrane protein. Masters thesis, Indian Insitute of Technology Hyderbad.

Kolimi, Narendar and Ajjugal, Yogeeshwar and Rathinavelan, Thenmalarchelvi (2017) A B−−Z junction induced by an A...A mismatch in GAC repeats in the gene for cartilage oligomeric matrix protein promotes binding with the hZαADAR1 protein. Journal of Biological Chemistry. pp. 1-22. ISSN 0021-9258 (In Press)


Manglunia, Ruchi Rajkumar (2017) Modulation of Protein Amyloidogenicity by heterologous amyloid and post translational modification. Masters thesis, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.


Palur, Venkata Raghuvamsi (2017) Validating the role of Gram-negative bacterial Wzi as a water conduction porin and development of a tool to estimate/characterize water conduction property. Masters thesis, Indian Insitute of Technology Hyderabad.

Ponoop Prasad Patro, L and Kumar, A and Kolimi, N and Rathinavelan, Thenmalarchelvi (2017) 3D-NuS: A Web Server for Automated Modeling and Visualization of non-canonical 3-D imensional Nu cleic Acid S tructures. Journal of Molecular Biology, 429 (16). pp. 2438-2448. ISSN 0022-2836

Prasad, Archana and Patel, Basant Kumar (2017) Protein misfolding studies on TDP-43 protein involved in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease. PhD thesis, Indian institute of technology Hyderabad.


Roy, Anindya (2017) Non-heme dioxygenases in tumor hypoxia: They're all bound with the same fate. DNA Repair, 49. pp. 21-25. ISSN 1568-7864

PCT/201741042270 (2017) method and kit for rapid risk stratification of traumatic brain injury. ..


Sachdeva, S and Palur, R V and Sudhakar, K U and Rathinavelan, Thenmalarchelvi (2017) E. coli Group 1 Capsular Polysaccharide Exportation Nanomachinary as a Plausible Antivirulence Targetin the Perspective of Emerging Antimicrobial Resistance. Frontiers in Microbiology, 8 (70). pp. 1-19. ISSN 1664-302X

Satish, Mutyala and Nivya, M Angel and Abhishek, Suman and Nakarakanti, Naveen Kumar and Shivani, Dixit and Vani, M Vinuthna and Eerappa, Rajakumara (2017) Computational characterization of substrate and product specificities, and functionality of SAM binding pocket in histone lysine methyltransferases from Arabidopsis, rice and maize. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics. ISSN 0887-3585 (In Press)

Schobesberger, S and Wright, P and Tokar, S and Bhargava, Anamika and Mansfield, C and Glukhov, A V and Poulet, C and Buzuk, A and Monszpart, A and Sikkel, M and Harding, S E and Nikolaev, V O and Lyon, A R and Gorelik, J (2017) T-tubule remodelling disturbs localized β2-adrenergic signalling in rat ventricular myocytes during the progression of heart failure. Cardiovascular Research, 113 (7). pp. 770-782. ISSN 0008-6363

Serio, T R and Park, S-K and Hong, J Y and Arslan, F and Kanneganti, V and Patel, Basant Kumar and Tietsort, A and Tank, E M H and Li, X and Barmada, S J and Liebman, S W (2017) Overexpression of the essential Sis1 chaperone reduces TDP-43 effects on toxicity and proteolysis. PLOS Genetics, 13 (5). e1006805. ISSN 1553-7404

Sivalingam, Vishwanath and Patel, Basant Kumar (2017) Protein misfolding studies on human fibrinogen alpha chain and hen egg white lysozyme. PhD thesis, Indian institute of technology Hyderabad.


Tiwari, Vikas Ramyagya (2017) Search and validation of a versatile amyloid inhibitor. Masters thesis, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

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