Yb5Ga2Sb6: A mixed valent and narrow-band gap material in the RE5M2X6 family

Subbarao, U and Sarkar, S and Gudelli, V K and V, Kanchana and Vaitheeswaran, G and Peter, S C (2013) Yb5Ga2Sb6: A mixed valent and narrow-band gap material in the RE5M2X6 family. Inorganic Chemistry, 52 (23). pp. 13631-13638. ISSN 0020-1669

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A new compound Yb5Ga2Sb6 was synthesized by the metal flux technique as well as high frequency induction heating. Yb 5Ga2Sb6 crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group Pbam (no. 55), in the Ba5Al2Bi6 structure type, with a unit cell of a = 7.2769(2) Å, b = 22.9102(5) Å, c = 4.3984(14) Å, and Z = 2. Yb5Ga2Sb6 has an anisotropic structure with infinite anionic double chains (Ga 2Sb6)10- cross-linked by Yb2+ and Yb3+ ions. Each single chain is made of corner-sharing GaSb 4 tetrahedra. Two such chains are bridged by Sb2 groups to form double chains of 1/∞ [Ga2Sb6 10-]. The compound satisfies the classical Zintl-Klemm concept and is a narrow band gap semiconductor with an energy gap of around 0.36 eV calculated from the electrical resistivity data corroborating with the experimental absorption studies in the IR region (0.3 eV). Magnetic measurements suggest Yb atoms in Yb5Ga2Sb6 exist in the mixed valent state. Temperature dependent magnetic susceptibility data follows the Curie-Weiss behavior above 100 K and no magnetic ordering was observed down to 2 K. Experiments are accompanied by all electron full-potential linear augmented plane wave (FP-LAPW) calculations based on density functional theory to calculate the electronic structure and density of states. The calculated band structure shows a weak overlap of valence band and conduction band resulting in a pseudo gap in the density of states revealing semimetallic character.

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